TNCC, widely recognized as the premier course for hospitals and trauma centers worldwide, empowers nurses with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and hands-on training to provide expert care for trauma patients.

  • Rapid identification of life-threatening injuries
  • Comprehensive patient assessment
  • Enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes

A Systematic Approach of Initial Assessment

The first few minutes of trauma care are critical to achieve better patient outcomes. The A – I mnemonic and the Trauma Nursing Assessment will assist nurses in providing appropriate and early intervention.

Hands-on Training Using both an Individual and Team Approach

Three Psychomotor skill stations offer nurses the opportunity to practice the systematic approach of the initial assessment in real life situations. The skill stations covered are Trauma Nursing Process, Airway and Ventilation, and Trauma Interventions.

ENA will issue a card verifying the successful completion of the TNCC. Expiration of verification occurs four years from the first day of the month in which the card was issued.

In order to receive TNCC certification, you must be a Registered Nurse. All other licensed personal will only receive Continuing Education Units for the course.


TNCC Initial Course: $275

TNCC Renewal:        $250

7th Edition TNCC Textbook: $70

Upcoming TNCC Course Dates

12/15/2017 – 12/16/2017            TNCC Full Course                  Katy Freeway

12/16/2017                                  TNCC One Day Renewal        Katy Freeway

01/11/2018 – 01/12/2018            TNCC Full Course                  Katy Freeway

01/12/2018                                  TNCC One Day Renewal        Katy freeway

01/26/2018- 01/27/2018              TNCC Full Course                  Sugar land

01/27/2018                                  TNCC One Day Renewal        Sugar land