Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

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The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) introduces the basic concepts and skills of neonatal resuscitation. It includes thermal management, positioning suction, tactile stimulation, proper use of ventilation equipment, intubation, medication, and special resuscitation situations.

This is a three-part course that is open to all new, expired, or current NRP Provider Cardholders.

Part 1: Pre-Study

The first part of the course is a self-study of the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation (8th edition). This textbook is available for purchase from Roxell EMT or on the AAP Bookstore. Many students who work in labor and delivery, NICU, or in Neonatology will find that they are already very familiar with the NRP Guidelines and do not need to spend as much time in self-study. However, if this material is new or unfamiliar, the new 8th edition Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation is the most valuable resource to prepare for the online exam and the classroom portion of the course. 

Part 2: Online Exam

The second part of the NRP course is the NRP Online Exam. There are two sections of 25 questions and four e-Sim Cases. Prior to attending Part 3 of the course a student MUST successfully complete both portions of the exam and the e-Sim Cases. Click here to access the Healthstream website. Separate Payment is Required

Part 3: Skills Evaluation (NRP Mega-Code)

The third and final part of the course is the mandatory classroom portion including demonstration, hands-on practice, skills evaluation, simulation, and debriefing. On the day of your classroom session, an instructor will demonstrate the skills and be available to coach you before testing begins. You must successfully pass all portions of the required NRP Online Exam before participating in the classroom portion of the course. You will be expected to demonstrate basic neonatal resuscitation skills and participate in a team resuscitation and debriefing. Successful completion of the online exam and the skills demonstration will result in an American Academy of Pediatrics/AHA NRP certification card valid for two years. 

You must also complete your classroom portion within 90 days of completing your NRP Online Exam.


NRP Mega-Code:                  $149.99

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